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We value security, transparency, democratization, and decentralization.
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About Us


9 years on research and development of Ultrasound Technology and 4 on BlockChain Solutions


Today we are better at doing what we do than we were yesterday. So we keep doing it for a better tomorrow.


Even if we know it works, nothing better comes out of doing the same. No fear of new things. No fear of failure.

We’re A Software Production Company.

Since 2013, we have come a long way with COPSONIC to creare a solid solution that allows to cover over 100 use cases for sonic/ultrasonic data transmission. In 2019 we built a blockchain-based gold tokenization system integrated with ultrasonic technology via a custom hardware wallet. We did not look back. Since 2021 in cooperation with Visioblock we have been working on a stable cryptocurrency to revolutionize the reward and engagement industry.

Multi-Platform Ultrasound SDK

Offline Data Transmission at record bitrate to date - QR Code Alternative - Cybersecurity - Web Athentication - Marketing

On-Chain Solutions

Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Binance SmartChain, Solidity, Substrate, CHIA

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Golang + gRPC + Microservices + Hyperledger || Quorum.


React/JavaScript - web3.js -Android Native - IOs Native - Xamarin (Cross-platform)

Our Services

Blockchain Consulting

We help you understand the technology, its potential, drawbacks, as well as proven uses cases, and the implications of its utilization while aiming for the optimal solution to your business problem.

Proof of Concept

In a minimum amount of time, a proof of concept prototype provides a demonstration of the project capabilities and a clear understanding of how the materialized solution will work.

Blockchain Development

DeFi, DApps, proof of ownership systems, supply chain, and data security. Driven under Agile methods to ensure client involvement, fast incremental deliveries, and reaction to changes in specifications.

Project Auditing

Code reviews, security assessments, tests extensions, and execution flow tracking allow us to help you improve current systems to remain ahead of the curve or react fast to previously unknown situations.

Ultrasonic Solutions

Data transmission over ultrasound solving compatibility issues (Bluetooth LE, NFC). Use case analysis. Multiplatform & multilanguage implementations. Integration with current apps or complete solutions.

Our Skills

General Blockchain Solutions.

Consulting, Analisys, Design, Development and Support.

  • 01- Industry BlockChain Use Cases Analysis.

  • 02- Web3 Development

  • 03- DApps, Tokenization, NFTs

  • 04- DeFi

  • 05- Mobile and Desktop Development

Joysonic Products



Trivia game based on Generative AI

Sonic Login

Sonic Login

(Comming soon) Secure ultrasonic authenticator for Windows OS



(Comming soon) Ultrasonic Television Audience Tracker

The Team



CTO / Programmer

Computer Science Degree. Security, Cryptography, and AI enthusiast. An avid reader of anything that falls into his hands.



Lead Architech / Programmer

Computer Science Degree. Blockchain and Cryptography enthusiast. Happy feet, loves dancing.



CEO / Programmer

Computer Science Degree. Blockchain and Ultrasound technology enthusiast. Deeply distracted by bonsais.

Emmanuel Ruiz

Emmanuel Ruiz


Dec 26, 2021

It is never easy to create something absolutely new. At COPSONIC we have worked together with Joysonic for the better part of 9 years to develop our technology. I can only thank the loyalty, the dedication, the talent, and the many nights poured by this team into building a groundbreaking ecosystem.

Julio Ontiveros

Julio Ontiveros


Oct 6, 2021

We encountered a lot of noise in the NFT world until we put our idea in the hands of Joysonic. Knowledgeable, Consistent, and Diligent from conception to a fully comprehensive plan for our Blablaflower NFT Collection.

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We provide consulting and development services on blockchain and ultrasound data transmission and we will be glad to help you with that idea that is on your mind and deserves to see the light. Or you can just say hi…

Takovska 13, Belgrade, Serbia