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We believe in challenging the status quo. 9 years dedicated to research and development of ultrasound data transmission and blockchain solutions.

Here is what we do...

About Us


Because it is in our nature to ask… what if? To push the boundaries of the unknown. And because its fun.


Driven by curiosity to the point where somethign new can be made. Agile, test oriented and DevOps powered cycles.

We’re A Software Production Company.

Since 2013, we’ve come a long way to help COPSONIC invent and build a solid solution that allows to cover over 100 use cases for sonic/ultrasonic data transmission scenarios. Blockchain came later, in 2019 a challenge for integrating blockchain with ultrasounds and custom hardware appeared and a new chapter started. Now… our eyes on the horizon.

Multi-Platform Ultrasound SDK

.NET - Android - iOS - Javascript - Java - ST MCUs

White Label Customizable Solutions

Offline Data Transmition - QR Code Alternative - Cybersecurity - Web Athentication - Engagement And Retention

Performance Optimized

Higest bitrate for an ultrasonic transmission solution to date. Cost aware hardware interactions for each scenario.

Non intrusive - Non contaminant

No interference with our senses and actually no enviromental effects on any ultrasonic solution. Blockchain-wise, we prefere Hyperledger and CHIA

Our Services

Ultrasonic Solutions

Use case Analysis. Multiplatform & multilanguage Implementations. Integration with current apps or complete solutions.

Blockchain Consulting

Analysis of applicability of the technology. Issues resolution and optimization. Smart contracts audits.

Blockchain Development

Design and full-stack development. Hyperledger, C++ , Python, Solidity, Go, JavaScript… and soon ChiaLisp

Our Skills

Wide range of desktop, mobile and web solutions.

While specialization is required, there is a lot to learn, and we like to reach out.

  • 01- Ultrasound Comunication Development

  • 02- BlockChain Analysis and Development

  • 03- IOS Development

  • 04- Android Development

  • 05- Web Development

  • 06- Desktop Development

Joysonic Products

Sonic Login

Sonic Login

(Comming soon) Secure ultrasonic authenticator for Windows OS



(Comming soon) Ultrasonic Television Audience Tracker

The Team



CTO / Programmer

Computer Science Degree. Security, Cryptography and AI enthusiast. Avid reader of anything that falls into his hands.



Lead Architech / Programmer

Computer Science Degree. Blockchain and cryptography enthusiast. Happy feet, loves dancing.



CEO / Programmer

Computer Science Degree. Blockchain and Ultrasound technology enthusiast. Deeply distracted by bonsais.

Contact Us

Contact Details

We provide consulting and development services on blockchain and ultrasound data transmission and we will be glad to help you with that idea that is on your mind and deserves to see the light. Or you can just say hi…

Takovska 13, Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381-62-9653-892
Email: office@joysonic.dev